CDL Training For The Tractor Trailer - Class A CDL

Why is CDL training so important?

Today’s state testing requirements for obtaining a CDL are getting tougher and tougher. Getting proper training for a CDL from truck driver training professionals is vital to passing the state CDL test. Good training also increases the chances that you’ll be a safety conscious CDL driver. At C1 Truck Driver Training, we have high standards and expectations for our truck driving students and our instructors.

The Commercial Motor Vehicle Act of 1986 created the CDL standards to ensure each state was licensing commercial drivers in a similar fashion. To comply with these standards, training for a CDL at C1 includes a combination of classroom training and behind the wheel training on a  private driving range as well as road & highway driving. All training is conducted in accordance with standards for the CDL skills test administered by a state authority at the completion of school.

Here's an overview of the Class A CDL Training  C1 Truck Driver Training program:


CDL training begins in the classroom. Classroom training focuses on the laws and regulations that CDL drivers must follow and presents practical explanations and examples. Classroom curriculum focuses on driver logs (log books), trip planning and map reading and the basics for vehicle control. To engage the non-traditional student, adult learner, classroom instructors use an exclusive interactive presentation and video to cover the subject matter.

Driving Range

Training for a CDL requires putting the skills and techniques learned in the classroom to work. Behind the wheel training begins on the school’s driving range. Large, private, unobstructed space on the driving range allows student truck drivers to master low-speed driving maneuvers in a tractor-trailer such as turning, shifting, and several backing techniques.

CDL Street Driving

The 3rd phase of our CDL training puts student drivers in control on the local streets and highways near the school campus with a certified instructor by their sides. Once the driving skills have been mastered on the CDL driving range, student drivers advance to the road and street driving training. The road training puts students in “real world” situations such as intersection turns that will be performed during the student driver’s state CDL skills test.

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