CDL of Alabama

Truck Driving School in Alabama

Have you been searching for the best truck driving school in Alabama? If you are ready to earn your CDL license, there is no better way to do just that than by going to a reputable school that teaches you all the skills and information you need to become a professional trucker.

We're proud to partner with CDL of Alabama. Since the school has a proven track record of success stories by all their graduates - there's no way to go wrong when joining this school.

Get a CDL in 4 Weeks

At this Alabama truck driving school, you'll be able to earn your CDL in about one month. The caring, experienced team of instructors at training is dedicated to equipping you with the knowledge and tools needed to succeed.

No previous experience? No problem! Our instructors are very comfortable working with all levels of skill - from someone who has never driven a manual to the driver with a decade of previous experience.

Alabama School Overview

  • Classroom - CDL permit prep, mapping, logging, safety & more
  • Skills - behind the wheel maneuvers, coupling,  backing & more
  • Road - turning, merging, space management, safety techniques & more
  • State Test - earning your CDL & graduating from school!

Trucking School Experience

While at truck driving school, you'll have the chance to meet other students who live in and around Alabama. We find many people make friendships that will last a lifetime with their classmates and instructors while at training. If you happen to be coming from several miles away, we will provide you with affordable lodging to make sure your stay is comfortable and all needs are met while at training.

How to Pay for School

By partnering with CDL of Alabama, we're able to offer several easy payment options. This includes company-sponsored CDL training which has no upfront tuition costs. This makes starting a new career in trucking an affordable choice for those who want to become professional truck drivers.

Truck Driving School Reviews

"The school was great, the instructors were very knowledgeable and helpful." - Leslie D.

"The staff was great, especially Carrie and Bryan. It was a tough journey, but nothing comes easy. They treated me like I was family and had no intentions of giving up on me. Therefore, I would like to extend a thanks to CDL School of Alabama and Driver Solutions. I am looking forward to my new career with you so thank you, God Bless!" - Michael C.