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Christopher B.

I had a really good experience at C1, from the classroom to the yard. All of the instructors were very knowledgeable and helpful. There were two instructors that stood out to me and those were Keith and Roland. They both gave me the know-how and the confidence to pass my DOT road test and graduate.

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Katherine M.

The experience as a whole for me was a very positive one. All the staff and instructors at the school made the experience very special.  I would highly recommend C1 Fort Worth to prospective drivers.

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Ordaz E.

The CDL program was great. It had great trainers, treated me like family, and was the best few weeks I've had learning something new. If I had to do it again with more options, I would still do it with the same school/company. They treated me great, and overall I had a great experience.

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Vannak C.

From start to finish it was an amazing experience. They did a great job ensuring we understood the laws that came with owning a CDL along with practical knowledge that came from years of experience and millions of miles over the road. I can't say enough on how fantastic my experience was at C1.

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Stephanie E.

Best instructors ever. They're very patient with great attitudes. Overall, it's an awesome school!!! I graduated in 4 weeks and got my CDL!!

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Joshua D.

The level of instruction is second to none. Before stepping on the range, I had zero experience with a manual transmission and backing a trailer; a few weeks later I got my CDL. C1 is a one stop shop for training & testing which is a major plus as well.

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