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David C.

I just graduated from Springfield Missouri last Friday. I enjoyed the experience. Instructors were great. You could joke with them. You could ask any questions you have. They all said they are there to help your success. I was doubtful at first. But after a couple days at school, I changed my mind. There was no question about it. They are truly training you to be your best. I'm truly going to miss getting to see and talk to them everyday.

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Jeremy M.

I had the best experience anyone could hope for. Made some friends for life there and was taught by the best instructors in the nation right in Springfield Mo.Thanks C1!

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Kirk T.

I really enjoyed my truck driver training here. Everyone was great and helpful. It allowed me to be more confident behind the wheel. The instructors always made me feel good about myself. I recommend anyone to go here if they are looking to drive over the road.

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Hunter H.

My experience at C1 was fantastic. The staff in the office was very respectful and the instructors in the yard were very knowledgeable. I would and do recommend this school to anyone wanting to pursue a trucking career. Thank you C1 for the experience and memories.

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Derrick C.

I would recommend C1 to anyone wanting to better their career and get a CDL. The whole staff is willing to help you with anything needed. The Instructors were very experienced and willing to work with you to receive the best training.

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Liam B.

C1 is a very professional and organized school. They teach you everything you need to know and more. I would recommend this school to anyone looking to get into trucking. I came with zero prior experience/ knowledge and passed no problem.

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