ELDT Training Reviews

C1 Truck Driver Training provides ELDT training for HazMat theory to drivers who want to add a Hazardous Materials Endorsement to their Commercial Drivers License. Drivers that use our HazMat Theory online training course get their test results submitted instantly to the FMCSA and most passed the HazMat test on their very first try.

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Here's what some of our customers have to say:

Mark Huff

Easy to Navigate

The ELDT hazmat course was great! Very easy to navigate and use. I successfully passed my hazmat test a few days later and obtained my endorsement. Well worth the cost.

Tracie Kinard

Very Informative

I found the course very informative and I passed my test at the DMV the first time. I have recommended the course to other CDL holders.

Phyllis Hunt

Well Designed

I found your theory class to be both informative and well designed. I passed the theory, DMV test and received my HazMat endorsement.

Benjamin Daily

Extremely Easy to Use

I just wanted to let you know that the online class was extremely easy to use and simple. All the subjects were easy to follow and made passing the test a breeze. I got my hazmat endorsement the next day since the results were transferred almost immediately. So thanks for offering the class!

Joseph Micucci

Very Helpful

It was good!! Just got my license back with the endorsement on it. It was very helpful. Thanks again!

Randy Castillo

Pretty Simple

It was pretty simple. As soon as I found out there was an online course, I immediately turned to y'all. I got it knocked out in a couple of hours. It was nice to know it wasn't a giant hurdle to cross in order for me to get my Hazmat. It's all about really reading through the lessons and paying attention to the exams. Took me a couple of tries, but in the end, all worth it. So thanks!

David Killey

Great Content

It was super, content and was great. I passed the state test and got the endorsement. I would say I also loved the response time. I called and someone called me back within an hour to answer my questions before paying for the class. I really appreciated that.

John Tucker

Easy to Use

It was very easy to use. THANKS!

Brian Cooper

Very Helpful

It was very helpful and I did pass the test. Thanks

Joseph Knight

Easy to Navigate

It was very informative and easy to navigate through the process. I passed my test and am very happy!

Ben Connell

Great Price

It was very simple to use. Yes, I passed my test. Honestly drivers are just looking for the best-priced product. As far as I could tell your product was the best priced. Let's be real, we can pass the hazmat, it is just a class that we have to take. I would stick with what you have set up, simple and fast.

Ellison Stinson


It was very user-friendly in my opinion and very great test prep!! I'll be recommending this course to all my friends in the future trying to obtain their HazMat. Thank you for helping me pass the first try!

Jesse Reed

Useful & Convenient

Loved it... Very well thought out and very useful. Anyone needing the class will find your program very appealing and very convenient.

Kevaun Jones

Super Easy

The course was super easy and really good at the same time. Also got my HazMat on the first go around. With that being said, thank you and the C1 Truck Driver Training team!

Jerode Currie

Easy to Use

The course was very easy to use. I passed the HazMat Endorsement test on the 1st try.

Salvador Becerra

5 Stars

The hazmat theory course by your company was great, 5 stars. The course was simple and basic to read and very informative. I was able to go back and review it several times. And the test was simple enough after reviewing the entire material provided. Thank you for taking the time and building an impressive course. Yes, I was successful in passing the hazmat endorsement test the very first time. I also reviewed several other online test quizzes before taking the Endorsement test. Just waiting on the fingerprint background check.

Steven Samuels


The information was very helpful in obtaining our HazMat Endorsement! We also recommended you guys to our fleet owners Hyfield trucking if had any new teams coming on that need the ELDT course!

James Rayford

Very Beneficial

The online course was very beneficial. I found the source to be very easy to use. I had no trouble navigating through it nor were there any issues with the system itself. I went to the DMV in my area and passed my examination on my initial attempt. Everything went well! I actually applied for my TWIC card this morning. πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ

Jeremy Smith

User-Friendly & Convenient

This was very user-friendly. I was actually able to pass the course the same day I signed up for it. Your course is very convenient for my employer as well.

James Gasser

Very Knowledgeable

It was very knowledgeable and understanding. I passed my test on the first try.

Marcus Williams

Very Good Material

The Hazmat course was very good material. I passed the test and got my Hazmat endorsement the 1st time. I have passed on your website on to friends looking to take a hazmat course.

Michael Stephenson

Very Helpful

It was very helpful. I passed the hazmat test on my first try.

Joel Ogletree

Wouldn't Change a Thing

It was easy to use. I wouldn't change a thing... I liked it all. I was successful. C1 got me my CDL and my endorsements!

Zachary Allen

Easy to Use
  1. It was very easy to use
  2. I did pass my hazmat test. The only thing I would change is to add videos that read/go through each section.

Gerald Williams


The theory course was easy to use and everything was self-explanatory. I missed passing by 1 question and I'll take it again tomorrow.

Deon Lennie

Simple & Recommended

The entire process of using your online course made getting my hazmat endorsement simple. The course taught me those things I needed in order to pass the Texas test. I passed the Texas exam with a score of 97 and a 100 on the tanker test. I've been recommending your online course to my friends from CDL school and anyone else that needs to receive their Hazmat Endorsement.

Burt Serres

Thorough & Informative

The training was very thorough and informative. The course was user-friendly and I did pass my test on the first try.